Fathers Of The Confederation Or Kenfederation, Either Way Kimberly Evan’s Historically Accurate Diorama Outstanding In Shelburne’s 150th Fall Fair 2017!

The Home Craft Admissions consisted of  fabulous, quilts, vegetables, preserves, baking, drawings, photography, crafts and taking first prize in the Diorama Division, Kimberly Evans with her fantastic undertaking of the Fathers of The Confederation aptly called, Fathers of the Kenfederation as the wonderful display was completely comprised of Ken Dolls found from across decades. The diorama was based on the 1694 Painting by Rex Wood which was based on the British Painting, Meeting of the Delegates in 1883 by Robert Harris. The historically accurate diorama was a labor of love for Evans taking the better part of a year collecting just the right pieces for this amazing historical work of art!” I remember my Dad had a Centennial project in 1967.  He made a full scale replica of General Wolfe’s oak desk that was on display at the Sigmund Samuel Gallery in Toronto.  I always liked the painting by Rex Wood commissioned for 1967, so thought I would make a diorama to honour it as a Sesquicentennial project.  Personal challenge, more than anything.  I Started prior to last year’s Fair when the idea came to me in a moment of insanity.  Just worked away at it slowly, accumulating Ken dolls and appropriate clothing at first.  Finding accurate chairs were a challenge.  My daughter Rebecca cut them and window frames out for me using a laser cutter, “commented Kimberly Evans adding how she feels about her win, “Win?  I would have been pleased to have had some competition in the Diorama Class.  Easy to win when you have the only entry!  It wasn’t about winning, though – it was about seeing if I could actually do it!  I completed it – so for me, that’s my win.”

And what does the future hold for the diorama Queen? “Next year?  Seriously?! Thank you, Alex, for your support and enthusiasm.  I had fun doing it, and I am pleased that other people enjoyed seeing it. ”

A brief time line provided by Evans clearly indicates this painting has had it’s literal ups and downs!

1864-  Charlottetown Conference
1864 – Quebec Conference
1883 – Robert Harris commissioned to paint the delegates of Charlottetown Conference + Quebec Conference
1916 – Painting destroyed by fire in Parliament Building (sketches survive)
1919 – Frederick S. Challener made painting from Harris’ sketches – hangs in Legislative Assembly
1964 – Rex Woods commissioned to do a painting based on Harris’ sketches + 3 additional gentlemen
1968 – Rex Woods painting completed – was on cover of history textbooks
2017 – Frederick S. Challener’s painting damaged by scaffolding

Find out more about the interesting history of the evolution of the painting and how when the original was destroyed, recreated and ten more figures were added! 

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