Feral Cat Rescue To Host Open House Saturday, September 30, 2017

Editor of The Shelburne Freelancer Message To Public:
Name calling and uneducated, unresearched venting of opinions is strictly prohibited on The Shelburne Freelancer Youtube Channel or any media feed associated with The Shelburne Freelancer. However, educated, researched, and documented opinions based in factual reality are welcome. I do not have time to follow foul remarks and delete. Be respectful please. Feel free to investigate all factually based legislative options Council could have utilized for Feral Cat Rescue. Please provide documentation reference and then kick yourself in butt for not helping to save Feral Cat Rescue before this point. All Town Councils are carefully governed by many restrictions that are put in place to ensure a Town doesn’t go rogue. There is a check and balance system in place and a ton of laws, bylaws, rules and regulations that absolutely must be followed. Frustrating for Council, and for Shelburnites, it’s a series of unfortunate events that legally led us to this point.. Please Stay Focused ON THE PRIZE! Find a way to help Feral Cat Rescue if that is where your passion is and stop wasting precious time in a negative mind space. Remember: Aside from the emotion, it’s not Council’s job to “save” provide funds for businesses that are practicing illegally, whether that business be a mechanic’s shop or Mother Teresa’s Home For All in Need. Sharon Morden of Feral Cat Rescue fell into the business of Rescue. She saw a need and stepped up. She did this selflessly and at great financial and emotional cost to herself, and many feral cats, INCLUDING MINE are extremely grateful. Morden is practically a Saint. No one in this town wants any ill to befall Sharon or her cats including all of our public officials, but disregarding law is not the way to go and even Saints in business need to follow business laws, bylaws, and regulations. Now, moving forward, Feral Cat Rescue can take it’s time, Sharon can breathe a little easier without the panic of relocating right away and follow a path of her own choosing to follow her dreams and hopefully get Feral Cat Rescue up and running once again. As far as blame goes, there’s enough to go around. How many of us, including myself, never once thought of Sharon’s well being in a business sense, while taking advantage of her unrelenting good nature and services. Among all of Feral Cat supporters where was the help and advice she needed as she became the rescue? I therefore put out the Challenge To Help The Situation Positively And Stay Focused . Morden Needs Your Help Now! Feral Cat Rescue Will Be Hosting An Open House Saturday, September 30, 2017. Many cats need to be adopted and taken into foster. Feral Cat Rescue is located at 141 Second Avenue West, and can be reached at 519-278-0707.  For more photos of cats that need immediate re-homing visit Sharon Morden’s facebook page. 

Saturday September 30th
11 am to 4 pm

We need to find homes for as many cats as possible before we close the doors to the rescue in our current location. 141 Second Avenue West, Shelburne, back entrance
These are just some of the cats available but there are many more coming in from foster homes to this event as well. Adoption fee is $90. for cats that are sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed and flea treated, $120 for cats with Microchips.

If you cant adopt, please come visit and cuddle a cat, they love to have company.

Call Feral Cat Rescue for more information or questions
519 278 0707. Due to the overwhelming number of emails, calls and facebook posts, we ask that you be patient while we respond to everyone. Thank you for your understanding, ” Sharon Morden message from Facebook.