Shelburne’s Feral Cat Rescue Gets Prayers & Support From Nashville, Tennessee

Entrepreneur, Elaine Herndon of Nashville, Tennessee and owner of Flowers Saving Homeless Pets discovered Sharon’s Morden’s story on The Shelburne Freelancer. So moved by what was happening in another country, and a devoted pet saver herself, Herndon contacted The Shelburne Freelancer by phone, expressing all her best wishes and support for Sharon Morden and the Feral Cat Rescue. In conversation, Herndon related to Sharon Morden, actually starting a business to support her rescue commenting,”I really feel for what Sharon is going through and please give her my best. These cats are innocent and can be great pets and just  want to be loved.” “We are praying for Sharon and her Feral Cat Rescue – that she gets all the support and donations they need to continue helping cats-‘God Bless You All & The Cats!- Thanks for your great work”,  commented Elaine Herndon on The Shelburne Freelancer Facebook Page .

From one rescuer to another, even as far as another country, the “Good Stuff” is everywhere. And a special reminder to Shelburnites, we really are sharing Shelburne With The World! Thanks so much to Elaine Herndon and all the best to her rescue as well.

Visit Herndon’s facebook page.

While Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue can nolonger be run from Morden’s home due to a neighbour complaint of smell resulting in Council having to investigate and discovering the business was not actually located in a designated business district/neighbourhood, there are still cats who need the service. An interesting future lies ahead for Shelburne and our feral cat, abandoned cats, and damaged cats.