Shelburne’s Very Good Fortune To Have A Local Based Medical Transportation Service, The Shelburne Transporter Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Dedicated Service

The Shelburne Transporter Celebrates 10 Years Of Dedicated Service !

Brenda Haines, (Above) Owner and Operator of The Shelburne Transporter, a locally based Medical Transportation Service that supplies a wide area of clients with dignity, compassion, control over their own lives and safety which in turn provided clients and their families with a true sense of relief and comfort knowing their loved ones are in capable, reliable, trustworthy and dependable hands travelling to medical appointments. This door to door service is approved by: Ontario Disability Support Program, Ontario Works, Veterans Affairs Canada, Dufferin Child & Family Services & Insurance Companies & Private. Haines marks her 10th Anniversary serving the Dufferin County area.  Click image above for video.

Many of Haines’ clients rely on this service and friendship. The Shelburne Transporter, although a Medical Transportation Service is so much more. The sense of accomplishment clients have making their own decisions is an invaluable service and actually aids clients who for what ever reason, may not be able to drive, can exercise and invaluable sense of of independence which for most will admit, is an absolute gift.

If you or a loved one find you need assistance getting to and from medical appointments, contact The Shelburne Transporter located at 135 Ann Street, Shelburne, ON, L9V2W5, and call 519-925-3634, Fax 519-925-0786, or email or visit the Shelburne Transporter Facebook Page.

Brenda Cell:       519-217-5043
Neil Cell:            647-271-0531

 Congratulations To The Shelburne Transporter On Ten Years Of Proud Service!