Inside Shelburne Town Council: Water Main Break, New Achievement Awards, What Home Businesses Need To Know & Local Builder Tries To Explain…

Town Council Meeting Overview & exclusive video interview with Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington.


A water Main Break couldn’t have come at a worse time as Shelburne is undergoing repairs and Maintenance to its water tower. The break, in front of Shelburne Town Hall occurred overnight on October 30th due to failing pipe integrity which can be an infrastructure repair caused by age. Town Of Shelburne repair crews worked tirelessly through the night to ensure water service renewed by the very next day.  Click here or on image for Youtube video interview.

Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington, in answer to The Shelburne Freelancer during question period provided a response to the question of Shelburnites practicing businesses without a licence or permit, perhaps unaware they are not following business bylaws and regulations. In light of recent Feral Cat Rescues’ ordeal and eventual closure due to running a business in a residential neighbourhood not allocated for business purposes, Bennington, responded,” We are not engaging in a witch hunt mentality. We will pursue investigations about unlawful business practices based on a complaint issued. People need to know they should have a business licence, a business permit and must be located in a business designated area.”

Surprising to some home businesses is the idea that having a permit and a licence from a previous town or location, might not be legal once the business is relocated to Shelburne and it’s recommended that home based businesses stop in to Shelburn Town Hall to check to see if their business is complying with licences, permits and bylaws for the Town of Shelburne. ” We in Shelburne encourage entrepreneurial spirit, ” commented Bennington.

Newest Council member, Steven Anderson’s proposed initiative for an annual Achievement Awards for Newcomer’s at Elementary Schools was unanimously approved by Council. The award to be named for passed Town Councillor Tom Egan still has a few particular details to work out and Council will update at that time.

During what can only be described as a heated and passionate exchange, a local builder attempted to explain why and how suddenly 19 apartments could be available at his project when only 18 were initially presented to Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever. Having been with  Shelburne for ten years, Wever stands by his assessment of the situation and was backed by Council who did not approve a parking spot for a 19th apartment at the  159 Main Street W. location. Although Wever acknowledges the project has benefited Shelburne in keeping with the Town of Shelburne’s plan for growth, the matter is simply logistical. Once a builder presents a plan, permits are applied for, and granted based on the plans, changed require new permits, new considerations for electrical planning, water, sewer, parking, etc. The process is quite engaging and on occasion, a builder may find himself in the position of altering plans which should be brought fourth to Council immediately and Council has the ability to accept of deny any changes based on Wever’s assessment. Upon discovery of a 19th apartment, it was realized that the space had been finished in the same way as the previously finished apartments. The builder, Paulo Pambianchi stated that he is fine to leave the finished space a a storage space instead of outfitting it as a perfect single dwelling, which is exactly what council agreed he should do. Council and Mayor Bennington expressed their frustration and disappointment with Builders in the past attempting to take advantage of the Town of Shelburne. The Shelburne freelancer has reached out to Builder, Paulo Pambianchi, and is awaiting comment.  (Lto Right) Paulo Pambianchi  sits beside Shelburne Town Planner, Stever Wever as the two set fourth both accounts of the situation to Shelburne Councillors. Watch Bennington’s comments on exclusive video interview. 

The Town Of Shelburne also is very proud of the Home Town Hero Banners and encouraged Shelburnites to walk Main Street and see the wide array of our very own Veteran Home Town Heroes.

Town Planner Steve Wever presented his report of the request made by residents locate at 310 Main St. requesting the removal of an on street parking spot in front of their home as they plan to run a Chiropractic business from their home and will require front street access to clients. The request was carried due to the compliance with bylaws and the home is located in an area zoned for business. The residents will be required to pay $2,500 to the Town in lieu of the Town’s lack of one parking spot and will at their own expense be required to pay for all work done to remove the spot in addition to using Town of Shelburne workers to complete their project.