Shelburne & District Fire Chief, Brad Lemaich Shares Important Kidde Brand Fire Extinguisher Recall Over Facebook, Helping To Keep Shelburnites Safe

Shelburne & District Fire Chief, Brad Lemaich Shares Important Kidde Brand Fire Extinguisher Recall Over Facebook Helping To Keep Shelburnites Safe

Not limiting resources and abilities to reach out to the Shelburne community, Shelburne & District Fire Chief, Brad Lemaich often reaches out to the community over Facebook, using social media in addition to his many public awareness avenues. Visit the Shelburne & District Fire Department Facebook Page for more information but as Chief Lemaich has stated in previous interviews, 911 is still recommended in an emergency. The Shelburne & District Fire Department also encourages safety and reminds Shelburnites to please check Smoke Alarm batteries are changed and are in good working order.


Approximately 2.7 million Kidde brand fire extinguishers have been recalled in Canada as part of a massive recall of 40 million devices in North America.

The recall includes two types of extinguishers: plastic-handled fire extinguishers and plastic push-button fire extinguishers. The recall in Canada involves 134 different models sold between Jan. 1, 1973 and Aug. 15, 2017. Some of the models in this recall have been previously recalled.

The size and colours of the recalled extinguishers vary. The plastic-handled models were sold in red, white and silver, with either an ABC- or BC-rating. The push-button extinguishers were sold in red and white, with a black or red nozzle.
According to the recall, “the fire extinguishers can become clogged or require excessive force to discharge and can fail during a fire emergency.” Another risk is the nozzle detaching with such force that it could pose a hazard.

The recall requires the device be replaced.

One death has been reported — in 2014, emergency responders in the U.S. were unable to get their extinguisher to work at the scene of a car fire following a crash.
In Canada, there have been two reports of the devices failing to work, one of which resulted in property damage. In the U.S. there have been nearly 400 reports of failed activation or nozzle detachment, with injuries and property damage reported.
The extinguishers have been sold at a number of retailers for use in homes or for professional purposes. They also were sold for use in watercraft, commercial trucks, and recreational vehicles.

You can read the full list of recalled extinguishers and how to identify them here.…/…/65014r-eng.php

Health Canada is asking anyone with an affected fire extinguisher to contact the company at 1-855-233-2882, . If you’re having trouble getting through, call the Kidde support line at 1-855-271-0773. The company says customers will be sent a replacement unit, free of charge, within two weeks, and no proof of purchase is required.

Q: Why is Kidde recalling products?
A: We are recalling certain Kidde fire extinguishers due to a potential safety issue. As consumer safety is our priority, we are working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada to notify customers with instructions for returning the affected models and how to replace them with different, unaffected models.

Q: How can I find out if my fire extinguisher is included in the recall?
A: Please contact us at (855) 233-2882 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday-Friday (excluding holidays), or between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. during the weekend to determine whether your extinguishers are affected. Alternatively, detailed information about which products are included is available below.

Q: How do I get a replacement?
A: Please contact us at (855) 233-2882 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday-Friday (excluding holidays),or between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. during the weekend to determine whether your extinguishers are affected If it is determined that you do have an affected fire extinguisher, a replacement will be shipped within approximately 10 to 15 business days from this call. Please keep your affected unit until the replacement arrives. Please note, if your model is used with a personal watercraft, Kidde does not currently have an exact replacement for it, but is prepared to offer you a replacement extinguisher which is both US Coast Guard rated, and is similar in size. While it may not fit in the same location as the extinguisher that you currently have, there may be another space on your watercraft in which you can store this extinguisher.

Q: Do I need a receipt? How do I demonstrate my eligibility for a replacement?
A: No proof of purchase is required. Please supply the model number, year of manufacture, the unit’s date code and serial number. Additional information may also be requested. You can find the model number and serial number on the unit’s label.

Q: If I have an affected unit, what should I do with it?
A: Please retain your existing extinguisher(s) until your replacement(s) has been received. Upon receipt of your new fire extinguisher(s) you will find instructions for returning the recalled unit(s).

Q: Which fire extinguishers are being recalled?
A: This recall involves two styles of Kidde fire extinguishers: plastic handle fire extinguishers and push-button Pindicator fire extinguishers. Plastic handle fire extinguishers: The recall involves 23 models of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured between January 1, 1973, and August 15, 2017, including some models that were previously recalled in March 2009and in February 2015. The extinguishers were sold in red, white and silver, and are either ABC-or BC-rated. Models are as follows: Plastic handle models produced between January 1, 1973 and October 25, 201546-0004-4Fire Away 1A10BC FrenchFuller Canada TPS-1 1A10BC