It Is With Great Sadness, We Bid Farewell To Wonderful And Feisty, Lily Norris

“It is with a very sad heart we bid farewell to this wonderful, feisty, larger than life, little Irish woman. Lily Norris, the world has been a better place because you were in it. You will be thought of and dearly missed,” Alex Sher.

Funny note: Ever since I met Lily at the Legion Veteran meetings on Wednesdays, she was very kind to me and each time we met after that she told me she always read my articles and looked for my name at the bottom of every paragraph. I was touched. She then said, “Can you tell me your name again? I can never believe you’re not a man, because well, after all, with a name like Alex, what was I to think?You know what I mean?” Lily would always laugh, tap my hand and  then follow up with, “Course, I’ll read yah, anyway.” I won’t forget her, and it was an absolute pleasure knowing her even in my small capacity. Lily was present during one of my many video interviews at the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion 220 Branch. Click here and meet Lily and some of our beloved Veterans.  

The above graphic and information courtesy of Jack And Thompson Funeral Homes.