Former Scout & Giving Back To Your Community, It’s The Good Stuff!

1st Shelburne Scouting Group are a very fortunate group of kids. Parent volunteers make sure their young scouts are heard and plan activities around their suggestions. Also, progressive in the fact that this group is for boys and girls. 1st Shelburne Scouting Group meet Wednesdays and Centennial Hylands Elementary School and each year a former Scout, Shelburnite Ralph Evans and Hydro One Employee visits the Ist Shelburne Scouting Group for an information session on electricity. Covering important safety issues isn’t all that kids get to learn as Evans’ highly anticipated electricity sphere allows kids to get a first hand feel of electricity and come to know it can be a hair raising experience, even knuckle to knuckle electrical transfer can feel shocking.

What kind of Shelburnite is Ralph Evans? In 2016, Evans shared a little about his passed, and the role Scouting played in his childhood. Even kids can be heroes. Photos generously provided by Cherie Lynn Sample, Group Scouter, and by all accounts, this experience gave the 1st Shelburne Scouting Group a lot to think about moving forward. Boy Scouts of Canada officially recognized Ralph Evans with a medal of heroism when it was discovered he had saved the life of a sixteen year old girl from drowning. Evan shared the experience with the Scouts, showing them a newspaper clipping, his jacket and his medal. A very impactfull exchange and greatly appreciated by the 1st Shelburne Scouting Group and that’s the kind of stuff Shelburnites are made of, IT’S THE GOOD STUFF!  To find out more about 1st Shelburne Scouting Group, visit their website.