INSIDE Shelburne Town Council: OPP Costing Bottom Line With Councillor Wade Mills & Mayor Bennington With New Sewer Policy In Exclusive Video Interviews

Inside Town Council

Get The Inside Scoop On Shelburne Town Council Meeting Held November 27, 2017. Highlights over the 2nd Draft of 2018 Budget, see the budget presentation, and both, Town Councillor Wade Mills and Mayor Bennington in exclusive video interviews. Get ready for the Town of Shelburne Town Council meeting to be held December 4, 2017 where more progress will be made towards Police Costing, the controversial issue which weighs costs of Shelburne having a town Police Service, the cost of renovating Town Hall to accommodate Police Services over the cost of OPP and their ability to service Shelburne. Also, Shelburnites have experienced a lot of grief being of the opinion that there is money somewhere available for special interest groups. Now’s your chance to review the budget and weigh in.  Click images below for video interviews.