Shelburne Town Council Goes Forward With OPP Costing & Special Audio Coverage By The Shelburne Freelancer

Meeting held December 4, 2017.

OPP Costing Discussion At Shelburne Town Council Meeting Held December 4, 2017. Note You may have to turn volume up on your device. Recording One begins with Nigel Bellchamber seated (L) and his account of the progress being made thus far in the search for a replacement CAO(Chief Administrative Officer) following the retirement of former CAO, John Telfer. Bellchamber reported there were over 30 candidates who applied for the CAO position, reviewed the process involved in filling the position and prepared Council for the possible dramatic pay increase of hiring a CAO with Telfer’s vast experience, qualifications and at a similar level in their career.


The meeting then picks up with a discussion concerning the Motion brought fourth by Councillor Wade Mills during the last Council held on November 27, 2017 meeting suggesting Council must absolutely know all the facts surrounding OPP Costing, a serious matter that has been avoided by Council in the past. While many Councillors expressed complete satisfaction with Shelburne Police Services and will push for a continued service in the Town Of Shelburne, Councillors would rather have absolute confidence in their decision making ability and can now claim, having moved the motion on OPP Costing, that they will be provided with all the numbers and that translates to a possible savings for Shelburnites in the future when compared with the costing of other possible avenues such as renovating Shelburne Town Hall where Police Services are located at present, or perhaps the purchasing of a new building entirely or even looking at Fire And Police sharing a facility. Other avenues presented to Council were very expensive options in the 5 million dollar range, relevant to the task at hand, but still a concern for Councillors with constituents in mind.

Click here for video of Mayor Bennington providing an overview of OPP Costing Discussion.

IN OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Patti Geberdt Hossie,  Project Manager, Deputy Registrar, for the Town Of Shelburne,  was presented with a wonderful award by Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington, acknowledging her 15 years of dedicated service to the Town Of Shelburne.

Former Treasurer and Acting CAO Carol Sweeney was also presented with a very special award by Mayor Ken Bennington, acknowledging 25 years of dedicated service to the Town Of Shelburne. For more information, visit The Town Of Shelburne Website.