Local Author, Don Hayward In Exclusive Video Interview: New Works & Forging A Literary Future!

Local Author, Don Hayward is forging a literary future for himself and it’s full steam ahead. In this exclusive video interview, shot at Shelburne’s Centre Dufferin Recreational Centre, in November 2017, Hayward reveals which well known Town his next works are centered around bringing a personal connection as well as historical ties together for his readers. Find out where you can pick up copies of his works by clicking here. 

Click here for video. 

Crime Writers of Canada
“Please read my latest story, Murder On the Goderich Local
Please read my  non-crime novels:
 After the Last Day.
Please visit the book website: After the Last Day
The e-book versions can be ordered at Smashwords via the link below.
After the Last Day
The Seventh Path“, Author Don Hayward.