Shelburne Fall Fair 2017

Shelburne’s 150 Fall Fair 2017 Pioneer Days To Modern Ways!

“The 150th fair was an absolute success!! The weather cooperated, the crowds were huge and the new activities were well received. New this year were the round bale races, tractor and truck pulling, husband calling, pancake breakfast, Ambassador reunion, egg spoon and potato sack races. The midway was replaced with inflatables that ensured the kids had a fully interactive experience. The highlight had to be when the goat at the petting zoo busted the pony out, who immediately ran onto the middle of the tractor and truck pulls, halting the fun momentarily. The crowd went wild for the pony. The success of the fair isn’t just down to the weather and events, it is a success in large part to all of our volunteers who work endless hours getting ready and cleaning up after. And a huge shout out to all of our sponsors who support the fair. See you next year!!”, commented First Vice President Sue Peterson.

Shelburne’s 150 Fall Fair 2017 Pioneer Days To Modern Ways!

Meet Shelburne’s New Fall Fair Ambassadors! (LtoR)  Madison Wall, 16, Shelburne’s new Jr. Fall fair Ambassador for 2017-2018 and Emma Holmes, 18, is Shelburne’s new Sr. Fall Fair Ambassador for 2017-2018 and happens to have historically won all three titles in her lifetime, Jr. Fall Fair Ambassador, Sr. Fall Fair Ambassador and Princess. The Princess category has since been discontinued.

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Meet Shelburne Fall Fair Competitors and Ambassadors: (LtoR) Junior Ambassador Competitors, Aimee Jensen, Gavin Whitten- Carrington, Junior Fall Ambassador 2016-2017, Kersten-Mary Skilton, New Jr. Fall Fair Ambassador, Madison Wall, New Senior Fall Fair Ambassador, Emma Holmes, Senior Fall Fair Ambassador 2016-2017, Carly Phillips, Senior Fall Fair Ambassador Competitor’s Alisha Litt and Brianna Giger. What a wonderful array of young people competing for the honour to represent Shelburne as our 2017-2018. Speeches presented were very impressive and clearly Shelburne does not have a shortage of impressive young people enroute to becoming wonderful adults. Congratulations to all as 2017-2018 moves forward into a very fulfilling year for all of these fine young people. Be sure to visit the Shelburne Fall Fair Page for more coverage of this fantastic fun filled weekend!

From The Home Craft Exhibits To The Demolition Derby & Everything In Between, Shelburne’s  Sesquicentennial (150th) Fall Fair Of 2017 Was A Huge Success!

Below Are Some Photographic Highlights. All Photos Are Free With Photo Credit. See People You Know Sharing Shelburne With The World!

(LtoR) MP Sylvia Jones and MPP David Tilson were present for Opening Ceremonies (video coming soon)


The Home Craft Admissions consisted of  fabulous, quilts, vegetables, preserves, baking, drawings, photography, crafts and taking first prize in the Diorama Division, Kimberly Evans with her fantastic undertaking of the Fathers of The Confederation aptly called, Fathers of the Kenfederation as the wonderful display was completely comprised of Ken Dolls found from across decades. The diorama was based on the 1694 Painting by Rex Wood which was based on the British Painting, Meeting of the Delegates in 1883 by Robert Harris. The historically accurate diorama was a labor of love for Evans taking the better part of a year collecting just the right pieces for this amazing historical work of art!” I remember my Dad had a Centennial project in 1967.  He made a full scale replica of General Wolfe’s oak desk that was on display at the Sigmund Samuel Gallery in Toronto.  I always liked the painting by Rex Wood commissioned for 1967, so thought I would make a diorama to honour it as a Sesquicentennial project.  Personal challenge, more than anything.  I Started prior to last year’s Fair when the idea came to me in a moment of insanity.  Just worked away at it slowly, accumulating Ken dolls and appropriate clothing at first.  Finding accurate chairs were a challenge.  My daughter Rebecca cut them and window frames out for me using a laser cutter, “commented Kimberly Evans adding how she feels about her win, “Win?  I would have been pleased to have had some competition in the Diorama Class.  Easy to win when you have the only entry!  It wasn’t about winning, though – it was about seeing if I could actually do it!  I completed it – so for me, that’s my win.”

And what does the future hold for the diorama Queen of the Fair? “Next year?  Seriously?! Thank you, Alex, for your support and enthusiasm.  I had fun doing it, and I am pleased that other people enjoyed seeing it. ”

Find out more about the interesting history of the evolution of the painting and how when the original was destroyed, recreated and ten more figures were added! 

How do you feel when you’re a kid who finds their work of art at the Shelburne fall Fair! Just ask Olivia! She was busy jumping for joy! It’s a wonderful feeling for all ages to know your community will not only see your work, but appreciate it as well. That kind of pride starts very, very young and is representative of the fiber Shelburnites are made of. It’s the GOOD STUFF!


Below:  (RtoL) Meghan Mills Announced The Winner of the 3rd Annual Natasha Paterson Memorial Outstanding Achievement Award  Of 2017 Is Laura Wagstaff taking an astonishing most points overall in Jr. Photography , Roots and Vegetable and Crafts

All round.  Congratulations !


Below: Max Kruger was runner up for the award 200 points most points for 9 and under and 14 and younger . Photos generously provided.

Opening Ceremonies At The Shelburne Fall Fair Saw Local Dignitaries In Attendance. Video Coming Soon

(LToR) Shelburne Fall Fair Master Of Ceremonies Welcomed Fall Fair Ambassador Carly Phillips to the stage where they proceded to sing “Oh Canada” along with the Audience .

To The Audience’s delight, MPP Sylvia Jones followed by MP David Tilson both gave their well wishes  during the opening ceremonial proceedings.

Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington

Shelburne Fall Fair President Larry Braiden

Guest Speaker , Former, now retired Curator of Dufferin County Museum and Archives, Wayne Townsend, delivered a wonderful, historic overview of Shelburne Fall Fairs in keeping with Shelburne Sesquicentennial  Fall Fair Anniversary. Video coming soon.

Below highlights from the Weekend’s Events:

Bike Races

Horses (Video coming Soon)

Vendors and Fun For Kids

Did You See The Tractors! Like Father Like Son! Difficult to tell who is more excited but one thing is clear, these two guys walk the same way…how cool is that!


This Little Boy’s Dream To Ride Tractors Came True. Next thing on the list is to learn to tie laces!

4H Club-Cow Showing

Horse Show (Video Coming Soon)

Horse Pulling (Video Coming Soon)

Gustav Klimt painted his famous portrait of THE KISS and The Shelburne Freelancer Found Love Was In The Air. When You Are In Love, It Looks Like This~ Sweet! Meet Love Birds, Mr.& Mrs. Hawthorne!


Baby Show

Dog Show

Tractor Pull! Here’s something You don’t see every day! A car trying to Pull A Tractor? Only In Shelburne!

Lawn Tractor Races (Video Coming Soon)

Demolition Derby (Video Coming Soon)

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